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The artists aim to point out our credulity and tendency to abandon real life in favour of a manufactured reality. We assimilate somebody else's memories; we are moved by the drama played out by non-existent heroes, we use fictitious dialogues - ones that are over-used and shabby, devoid of any emotion or substance. We lose sight of our own lives, and the images flickering before us are but universal formulas and solutions.
Date: 17th - 27th July 2003, during the 4th Era New Horizons Film Festival in Cieszyn
Place: Cieszyn
Project partner: 3rd Era New Horizons Film Festival in Cieszyn, Gutek Film

Participating artists:

Pawel Ałthamer, Cezary Bodzianowski, Christoph Büchel, Jeremy Deller, Jeanne Faust, Omer Fast, Mark Leckey, Mark Lewis, Rosalind Nashashibi, Anna Niesterowicz, Enrique Metinides, Mathilde Rosier, Wilhelm Sasnal, Piotr Uklański, Artur Żmijewski and Paulina Ołowska


Joanna Mytkowska, Andrzej Przywara, Adam Szymczyk


Joanna Diem, Sebastian Cichocki