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The booklets, published by the project partners of "Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000" on a regular basis, give an overview of all events of the project.


"superprivate", artistic book

Ed. by Platforma 9,81; 3D Journal, Zagreb 2004.
ISBN 3-86588-054-1 (International distribution); 953-174-241-3 (Croatian distribution)
"superprivate" describes Croatian social changes brought about by transition and links them directly to changes within built and non-built environment. It portrays architecture as the ultimate product of intersection of various social influences. The book comprises of a whole range of contributions differing in form, content and production modes. It is a product by the Platforma 9,81 research team and a network of collaborators who draw on various types of knowledge from contemporary theory and management through economic sciences, housing policy and urban planning. "superprivate" is intended for architects, planners, students, investors, builders, politicians, journalists, citizens and anyone interested in building, planning, design and space usage.


Frakcija. Performing Arts Magazine, #30/31 - Goat Island

Ed. by Center for Drama Art, Group Dynamics, Zagreb May 2004.
ISSN 1331-
Excerpt from the Editorial by Marin Blaževic and Matthew Goulish, 12. September 2004: "... This two-part special issue of "Frakcija" will not be only a companion to the process of making and performing a particular performance: it wants to experiment with the form, contents, production and reception of the /performing arts/ magazine: it challenges its readers to experiment with the performance of reading: it is a 'reflection" on the writing and reading about the performance..."

Frakcija. Performing Arts Magazine, # 32 - Production of the Common

Ed. by Center for Drama Art and Group Dynamics, Zagreb March 2004.
ISSN 1331-0100
The new issue of "Frakcija" with the subtitle "Production of the Common" was published in March announcing the Group Dynamics symposium in May 2004. In this special issue, a discussion is opened about the paradigms of production of the common, collaborative work and the production of identity in the information society. Contributors to the issue include art groups and collectives the likes of Rimini Protokoll, Community Art, Platforma 9,81, Teorija koja Hoda, Wax Factory and individual authors: Alexander Bard, Ric Allsopp, Franz Anton Cramer, Thomas Lehmenn, Giaco Schiesser, etc.