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Photos: Dirk Meußling, Hannes von der Fecht

A container welcomes you, fitted with 15 monitors upon which television images from the participating cities flicker. News bulletins, talk shows, series, and ratings hits – ordinary programs from state and private broadcasters will be shown. Produced by the "relations" projects (Pavel Brăila, Dren Maliqi, Tomislav Medak, Artur Žmijewski, Kalin Serapionov,, Igor Zupe), and assembled and installed by id3d-berlin themengestaltung, video streams and uncut material showing characteristic locations from the same cities will unexpectedly intervene; people shopping, passer-bys strolling along boulevards, the goings-on in popular cafés. Documentary real-time images and media fantasies co-exist, only to vanish again, one after the other.