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Danica Dakić

MS Berlin

In her work, Danica Dakić traces the interfaces between cultural and personal, political, and geographical identity. Tapping into her experience as a migrant, she takes up the theme of how social changes and the consequences of globalization and war dissolve and redefine identity and one's sense of a homeland, or Heimat. She repeatedly identifies language and the act of speaking as the decisive factor in the formation of identity, often working in close contact with specific communities. For the video installation "Tauber Tanz," for example, she cooperated with a dance group from a Bosnian cultural association in Düsseldorf.
Danica Dakić was born in 1962 in Sarajevo. She lives today in Düsseldorf and Sarajevo. Solo exhibitions and projects in public spaces include Skulpturen-Biennale Münsterland; EXIT Gallery, Peja; Valencia Biennial; National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo. Contributions to group exhibitions include "Be what you want, but stay where you are," Witte de With, Rotterdam (2005); "How do we want to be governed? (Figure and Ground)," Miami Art Central (2004).