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Concept relations
> Concept
Federal Cultural Foundation
> Federal Cultural Foundation (doc)
Blossoms or Snow: Katrin Klingan and Hortensia Völckers in discussion
> Blossoms or Snow (doc)
Every Misunderstanding is a Gift from God: Katrin Klingan in discussion with Thomas Krüger
> Interview Every Misunderstanding is a Gift from God (doc)
Communication, not Consensus: Katrin Klingan in discussion with Ines Kappert, Eda Čufer and Marek Krajewski
> Interview Communication, not Consensus (doc)
Strategies of Visualization: “relations” talks to Gerald Knaus, head of the European Stability Initiative (ESI)
> Interview Strategies of Visualization (doc)
Rethinking Europe: Okwui Enwezor in discussion with Martin Saar
> Interview Rethinking Europe (doc)
Which Dictums for Action Emerge out of Disinformation? Ines Kappert talking to Roger Willemsen
> Interview Which Dictums for Action (doc)
Advisory board
> Advisory board