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Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Sofia
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia, is an association of curators, artists and cultural theoreticians, registered in June 1995. It is dedicated to the study, understanding, promotion and practice of the visual arts of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, to the re-establishment and furthering of the dialogue between cultures and art scenes, to the search for an open art dialogue with everyone. The history of ICA is rooted in the professional partnership between friends who, after 1989, shared the vision of opening up and developing the Bulgarian contemporary art scene.
The goals of ICA Sofia are focused on the development of the contemporary art scene in Bulgaria in relation to the audience in the world at large. The primary objective is the constant deepening and strengthening of relations with the international art world in a bi-directional and reciprocal manner by triggering and facilitating a two-way flow of artists, curators and critics, projects, etc.
The spectrum of ICA activities covers international and local projects for shows, publications, conferences, seminars, short-term educational activities, lecture series, etc.
Members of ICA Sofia are: Iara Boubnova (curator), Luchezar Boyadjiev (artist), Ivaylo Ditchev (cultural anthropologist), Mariela Gemisheva (fashion designer), Pravdoliub Ivanov (artist), Alexander Kiossev (cultural theoretician), Kiril Prashkov (artist), Kalin Serapionov (artist), Nedko Solakov (artist), Maria Vassileva (curator)
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