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Academy Remix - Städelschule, Frankfurt meets Missing Identity, Prishtina
A project of the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule, Frankfurt/Main, in cooperation with “Missing Identity,” Kosovo, and “relations.”
Nikola Dietrich (Portikus, Frankfurt/Main) and Dirk Fleischmann (Städelschule, Frankfurt/ Main) have worked with the “Missing Identity” team and “relations” to formulate an exchange program for young artists of both locations. The program will be phased in over a year. Picking up on the themes addressed in “Missing Identity,” which has been running for the last two years in the framework of “relations,” the program asks to what extent artistic production can reflect the mechanisms employed to form identity, a recurring element of the cooperation up until now. Students from the “Missing Identity” alternative art academy, the Contemporary Art Institute EXIT in Prishtina, and the Frankfurt Städelschule are to come together to develop individual art projects, which will be then be realized in Prishtina and Frankfurt. Joint theory workshops will accompany these activities.

In the course of the student exchange further significant questions were brought up: What can an art academy potentially be? And which models are convenient to convey the spectrum and the perspectives of artistic work to the students as future artists? What is artistic competence today? What are the limits and - on the other hand - the potentials of artistic work with regard to socially relevant topics? And to what extent is artistic production able to reflect methods and mechanisms of constructing identity? A symposium with international participants discusses these and other topics during the project's final presentation.

In September 2005 the project was presented in the Museum of Kosovo, Prishtina. In Portikus, Frankfurt, the final presentation takes place from November 18 - 23, 2005, accompanied by the international symposium. In co-operation with the European Stability Initiative (ESI) a panel discussion on “Kosovo - Waiting for the state” provides background information about the political situation in Kosovo.

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