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A co-production of ICON FILM and relations
Six filmmakers from six eastern European countries tell six stories about things in common, differences and new self-understanding in one film.
A film project featuring work by: Stefan Arsenijević (Serbia-Montenegro), Nadejda Koseva (Bulgaria), Mait Laas (Estonia), Kornél Mundruczó (Hungary), Cristian Mungiu (Romania), Jasmila Žbanić (Bosnia-Herzegovina).
Szene aus 'Lost and Found'Szene aus 'Lost and Found'Szene aus 'Lost and Found'Szene aus 'Lost and Found'Szene aus 'Lost and Found'Szene aus 'Lost and Found'
Lost and Found is a film project for which six young filmmakers from eastern Europe have each created a short film. The project is based on the idea that the sense of a common bond determined by belonging to a generation, and so reaching out beyond national borders, opens up new perspectives on traditions, history and one's personal experience. Young directors, amongst the most talented of their respective country of origin, were then invited to tell their very personal "generation story". A full-length film has developed out of the six short films - five of the films (four short films and a short documentary) are tied together visually and dramatically by an independent animation story.

Taking up an idea of the artistic director Nikolaj Nikitin, relations initiated the film project, which was then developed together with the Cologne production company ICON FILM (Herbert Schwering and Christine Kiauk) and an expert advisory board (Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, Media Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg / Didi Danquart, director and scriptwriter / Sibylle Kurz, dramaturgy consultant). Five workshops were held in the run-up to production and during the post-production phase. All of the directors and producers took part in several meetings to work jointly on the scripts and to fuse the individual episodes into a single film. The advisory board, headed by Nikolaj Nikitin, was involved in developing the project from the very beginning. The short films were realized in the respective countries, while the subsequent post-production took place in Germany.

The goal of the project is to bring together filmmakers from smaller countries of eastern Europe with a view to supporting independent production infrastructure in this region, forging links to western European or German production partners, and strengthening already existing ties. This cooperation provides the young directors with a shared international platform for presenting their work. At the same time, the project creates contacts for future cooperation between German producers and production companies in eastern European countries.