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Edgar Arceneaux

Old Man

Edgar Arceneaux is interested in conscious as well as unconscious memory and, specifically, personal as well as public memory, as he lets strands crisscross and branch in his drawings, collages, and installations. In a mixture of clearly structured and improvised stream-of-consciousness- like approaches, he links elements of history with literature, film, and music based on poetic redundancies. Often using linguistic strategies as a starting point, Edgar Arceneaux advances the tradition of conceptual and minimalist art as it relates to the investigation of image-text relations, and at the same time he touches, in his very unique style, moments from figurative art and word-oriented improvisation.
Edgar Arceneaux was born in 1972 in Los Angeles, where he lives today. Solo exhibitions include "Project Space," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2005); "Negative Capability. The Michael Jackson Project," Galerie Kamm, Berlin (2004); "Drawings of Re-moval," Studio Museum of Harlem, New York (2002). Contributions to group exhibitions include "The Imaginary Number," Kunst-Werke, Berlin (2005); "Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since 1970," Contemporary Art Museum, Houston (2003); "Persönliche Pläne," Kunsthalle Basel (2002).